War of the Ancients

Long before humanity and even the still ancient elven race and before the great dragons there were the old ones.  Made up of the chaos and disorder of creation itself.

They ruled the world for untold millenia until the first dragons rose from the remaining cooling creation fires.

Dragons had the ability to use magic in it's still primal form, not the ordered more refined magics of today.

These magics were creation itself.

In the war that ensued between the dragons and the chaos gods – humans, elves, orcs and other mortal races were created.

While there is much speculation no one really knows who created each of the mortal races.

What is known is that they were all meant to be instruments of war.

Little is known of this ancient war, there are no first hand accounts, the dragons won, this is clear since the old ones have been banished from existence.

It is believed though that some day the old ones will return to reclaim their place on earth.

When they do will they reclaim their lost weapons, their machines of destruction to once again wage war upon the dragons?

War of the Ancients

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